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Friday, April 27, 2007

Beluga Whale Whale

The Beluga Whale is a Whale not a dolphin. It would be a dolphin only the killer whale is a dolphin instead of the Beluga. All whales and dolphins are mammals. The beluga whales live in the Arctic.

The Beluga whale is white. It likes to eat fish.

I've seen Beluga whales at Sea World San Antonio at a show where a silly man causes a leak. And I've also seen them at the Georgia Aquarium.

The Beluga whale keeps warm by their blubber. The beluga is an endangered species.

The thing I like best about the beluga whale is that it lives in the ocean.


BlueEyedMum said...

Rehm - Did you know that baby Beluga whales are gray? I saw a baby one at Sea World a long time ago.
Keep up the great blogs,

Sherri said...

What a silly looking man. I wish I could see the whale show. Beluga whales are my favorite!

Brenna and Molly said...

You sure know a lot about whales! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

What a smart young man! I learned a lot about whales by visiting your blog! Love, Cousin Tracy