I like the Ocean and this is all the stuff I know about the ones around the world.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Beluga Whale Whale

The Beluga Whale is a Whale not a dolphin. It would be a dolphin only the killer whale is a dolphin instead of the Beluga. All whales and dolphins are mammals. The beluga whales live in the Arctic.

The Beluga whale is white. It likes to eat fish.

I've seen Beluga whales at Sea World San Antonio at a show where a silly man causes a leak. And I've also seen them at the Georgia Aquarium.

The Beluga whale keeps warm by their blubber. The beluga is an endangered species.

The thing I like best about the beluga whale is that it lives in the ocean.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Puffer Fish Day

The puffer fish blows up. The spikes around it when it blows up are spiky. Puffer fish are very thin or the opposite of blown up when they are not blown up. When they are blown up it makes most of their enemies to hard to eat them.

Most puffer fish are goldish-yellow.

Tomorrow will be Beluga Whales.

Note from the Editor: We couldn't find any pictures on the web we could use. Rehm was not happy about that. Then I remembered that Aunt Sherri had sent us some puffers for Rehm's room that I had put away for later. We got one out and took pictures. Rehm was very happy to find out he has a "pet dead puffer fish!"

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Dinosaur Ocean Fish

There were strange fish that scientist don't fully know about that lived in the time of the dinosaurs. They don't know all about them because they lived so long ago. Even if a scientist could live to tell about them they still wouldn't tell about it. There are fossils of some fish from this time but I do not know where.

These fish looked very strange because they lived back in the time when we didn't know what anything looked like. We are still finding out about these fish. Here is a link to more information about one fish that lived in dinosaur times the dinosaur fish.

Sharks lived in dinosaur times. They were very strange. The sharks today we know a lot about.

Find the hidden woebegone shark in this picture.

That is today's post for Day 3 of the blog.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stuff I know about these Animals

1.) The sperm whale is named that because of its head that looks like a sperm (remember I just type. He writes.)

2.) The sperm whale dives into the twilight zone of the ocean.

3.) The crab gets sea anemones on its back so it can't get eaten by an octopus.

4.) The crab has a shell for protection.

5.) The crab has a lot of legs.

6.) The snail will move very slow.

7.) The snail has a curly shell.

8.) The electric eel is electric. That means it has electricity.

9.) The electric eel is not an eel even though that is its name. I don't really know what it is.

10.) The fish on my picture is a parrot fish. The parrot fish has a mouth that looks like a parrot. The parrot fish makes a bubble around itself when it goes to sleep to protect itself.

11.) The star fish is a sea star. Sea stars eat mussels. Sea stars live at the sand part of the sunlit zone.

12.) The bottle nose dolphin has a nose that looks like a bottle. That is where it got its name.

13.) The bottle nose dolphin leaps in the air.

14.) The octopus eats crabs. The octopus is a cousin to the squid.

That is all for today.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rehm's Ocean Facts - Day 1

The stonefish has spines that have poison inside them. The stonefish hides to catch its prey.

The box jellyfish is the most poisonous animal. When it stings everything happens at lightening speed.

The torpedo squid squirts out black ink to hide itself. The squid has ten tentacles.

Why I Love the Ocean

I started liking the ocean because blue is my favorite color. I like the animals in the ocean. I like the salt water.