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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Whales Trapped in California

(original image url: http://www.sfondideldesktop.com/Images-Animals/Whale/Art-Humpback-

I heard about the whales on the, like, California news. They were on the news because it was a big surprise in California- that the whales have migrated the wrong way and migrated to a river in California. That happened a few years ago- another whale got trapped in, I think, the same river. And they were using feeding sounds in the ocean of other humpback whales feeding to try to get them back. The other whale got trapped in the 19's [ed. note: he's talking about the 1900's]. They are a mother and clf and it is the calf's mother. -Rehm (dictated to his dad)


Sherri said...

Wow! I hope that they get back to the Ocean safely. I can't wait to read your next post. Keep them coming!

noctilux said...

They're not LOST. They're seeking respite (a 'shadow') from US Navy Sonar. I encourage people to google the terms navy, sonar and whales to see exactly how EXTREME the threat is. It's loud enough to burst their eardrums, and indeed does! I really don't know why the media isn't connecting these things. It makes me quite angry.

Mom said...

Rehm, I saw in the paper that the whales are still in the river. It sounds like they may be pretty sick. I hope they can make it back to the ocean.